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Linux Vim commands Collection

Vim commands Collection

Command History

 To: and / beginning commands have history, you can type the first: or / and then press the down arrow to select a command history.

Start vim

Enter the following command in the command line window to

    [root@mylab]# vim

vim filename open vim or create a file named filename

    [root@mylab ...

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Linux Redis 3.0.5 installation and configuration

Redis 3.0.5 on the Linux installation and configuration

1. Download the installation package

[root@mylab]# wget http://download.redis.io/releases/redis-3.0.5.tar.gz

2. Compilation and installation

[root@mylab]# yum install gcc tcl
[root@mylab]# tar -zxf redis-3.0.5.tar.gz
[root@mylab]# cd redis-3.0.5
[root@mylab ...

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linux centos7 switch graphic mode and text mode

centos7 switch graphic mode and text mode

In the graphic mode using ctrl + alt + F2 to switch to a text mode.
text mode press ctrl + alt + F2 to switch back to the graphic mode.
Enter the command init 3 to switch to text mode.
Enter the command init 5 to switch to graphic mode.

If ...

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linux IO redirection

linux IO redirection

The default output device: standard output, STDOUT, 1
Default input device: standard input, STDIN, 0
Standard error output: STDERR, 2

Linux I/O redirection:

>: Override Output
eg. [root@mylab]# ls /var > /tmp/var2.out
>>: Append output
set -C: already prohibits the use of file redirection coverage
Force overwrite output ...

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linux bash shell command aliases Command substitution globbing

linux bash shell command aliases Command substitution globbing

1.bash shell command aliases:

##### alias CMDALIAS = 'COMMAND [options] [arguments]'
##### Shell aliases defined only valid in the current shell life cycle; effective range of only the current    shell process alias:
 eg. [root@levi ~]# alias cls=clear
Cancel command aliases:
[root@levi ~]#unalias CMDALIAS
the same alias command ...

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linux help command Summary notes

Linux help command : help,--help,man,info

type command : View command type(Internal Command,External Command)
[root@levi ~]# type -a cd 
cd is a shell builtin (Internal Command)

[root@levi ~]# type -a grep 
 grep is /bin/grep    ( External Command)
1.Internal Command (Help view)
2.External Command (help view)
COMMAND --help
3 ...

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linux Execute shell script exception bad interpreter: No such file or directory

linux sh script exception /bin/sh^M:bad interpreter: No such file or directory

reason : This is caused by a different system encoding formats.

resolve : 1.Conversion at windows

        Use UltraEdit or EditPlus

        UltraEdit: File-->Conversions-->DOS-->UNIX

        EditPlus : Edit-->EOL Conversions-->Convert to UNIX Format

        2.Conversion with vi

        >vi filename

        :set ff or :set fileformat

        You can see ...

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linux c library function to read binary file code

linux c library function to read binary file code

struct person
    int id;
    char name[20];
    int age;
    int sex;
    char tel[20];

int main(int arg, char *args[])
    FILE *p = fopen(args[1], "w");
    if (p == NULL)
        printf("error is %s\n", strerror(errno));
    } else
        struct person man;
        memset(&man, 0 ...

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