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linux bash shell command aliases Command substitution globbing

linux bash shell command aliases Command substitution globbing

1.bash shell command aliases:

##### alias CMDALIAS = 'COMMAND [options] [arguments]'
##### Shell aliases defined only valid in the current shell life cycle; effective range of only the current    shell process alias:
 eg. [root@levi ~]# alias cls=clear
Cancel command aliases:
[root@levi ~]#unalias CMDALIAS
the same alias command ...

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linux Execute shell script exception bad interpreter: No such file or directory

linux sh script exception /bin/sh^M:bad interpreter: No such file or directory

reason : This is caused by a different system encoding formats.

resolve : 1.Conversion at windows

        Use UltraEdit or EditPlus

        UltraEdit: File-->Conversions-->DOS-->UNIX

        EditPlus : Edit-->EOL Conversions-->Convert to UNIX Format

        2.Conversion with vi

        >vi filename

        :set ff or :set fileformat

        You can see ...

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