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Linux Process management command

Process management command

init: Process number is 1

Classification of processes:
     the processes associated with the terminal
     Terminal independent process

1.process state:

     D: Non interrupted sleep
     R: Run or ready
     S: Interrupted sleep
     T: Stop it
     Z:  Zombie state

     <:  High priority process
     N: Low priority process
     +: Processes in the foreground process group
     l ...

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Linux software is not installed in the default directory

The software is not installed in the default directory of the solution

1.Modify the PATH environment variable to be able to identify the binary file path for this program:

   modified /etc/profile
  In the /etc/profile.d/ directory, create a file with names ending in .sh suffix, which write the  "export PATH=$PATH:/path ...

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Linux File compression and Archive command

File compression and Archive command summary

compressed format: gz, bz2, xz, Z, zip Compression algorithm: the algorithm is different, the compression ratio will be different;


gzip: .gz 
  gzip /PATH/TO/SOMEFILE: gzip will delete the original file after the completion of the compression
  gzip -d: decompression
       -#: 1-9, specify the compression ratio, the default ...

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Linux File Find command

File Find command


Non-real-time, fuzzy matching, lookup is performed according to the system-wide file database;
# updatedb, Manually generated file database (fast)

2. find: Find PathFinder standard look to a future process of operation

Real-time, accurate, supports many search criteria, traversing all the files in the specified directory lookup completed, slow;

Search Path: The ...

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