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linux c library function to read binary file code

linux c library function to read binary file code

struct person
    int id;
    char name[20];
    int age;
    int sex;
    char tel[20];

int main(int arg, char *args[])
    FILE *p = fopen(args[1], "w");
    if (p == NULL)
        printf("error is %s\n", strerror(errno));
    } else
        struct person man;
        memset(&man, 0 ...

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Linux command history

[root@linux ~]# history [n]
[root@linux ~]# history [-c]
[root@linux ~]# history [-raw] histfiles


-n  :number, meaning ' the n command to list the most recent list ' means!

-c  :All the history in the current shell delete all content

-a  :Will be added into the history currently added instruction in histfiles, if not histfiles, then the ...

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